finds a stranger in the alps

by 7 year old blind girl

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this is our 7th ep.. we recorded it with a 2nd guest guitarist named Tim! he move in with us for 6 months or so to write and record this gem! boy, did we have a wacky time... he also played a couple of live sets with us, and that was a ton of fun.. he is currently being a genius with CAKE N BOWLS and NEGATIVE HOLE!! check it out!


released March 9, 2014



all rights reserved


7 year old blind girl Washington

formed in the formidable year of 2005, we three have enjoyed autonomy ever since. L O V E

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Track Name: distractionary
what you see isn't always what you get
there are underlying themes in motion
that will jump up and bite you when you least expect
so don't put down your guard, my friends
your enemy some respect
out of the ashes of destruction
is birthed to life this cause and effect
we will make our own noise

what you get isn't always what you expect to get out of the commotion
someone should invent a lotion to lube up the cracks
made by the corrosion
of business ventures and media vultures
feeding on the dead flesh of a culture
you bought it sight unseen
who will make our own noise?

oh say can you see
my culture is consuming me

toss the fucking scan tron
this aint no test man
yeah your new school is way to cool
with your feathered hair and your extra belt
nickle and dime it
there's no free lunch man
all head no heart
that's your problem from the start
ideas as bright as light bulbs, but will it sell?
oh well
the terms marked unconditional
we'll reinvest the capital on pseudo traditional
hey, your rhetoric is tired and lame
your politics ignorant and tame
lets play the punk rock game
and all our bands can sound the same

what you want isn't always what you want
it depends on how long they've been in bead with your head
instead of fresh air
crazy sexy cancer you wear
give your enemy some respect
because out of the ashes of destruction
is birthed to life this cause and effect
we will make our own noise

who you are and what you feel
can be written down and drawn up and
sent back out to make a deal

an un-begotten slave until the end

(buy from fingers to man made brains and have a good time)
Track Name: you don't fuck the future. the future fucks you!
you rolled up all "HOW WIDE?"
stepping super heavy from in to outside
yeah you gave me a gift that at the time felt so right
but i didn't feel the burn until the third night
i showered and i shaved
i tried to behave
i might be clean cut
i might look straight edge
but chances are i'm higher than you are

its idiosyncratic
fully automatic

i stepped in way too deep
all i did for days was OC and sleep
i would pray to the lord
for my soul to keep
but my agnostic front makes that slope too steep
i showed up to the hold up
with enough envy for both of us
little dan didn't start dripping pus
until 48 hours after i last had you
but it was worth it
and my antibiotics cured it

its idiosyncratic
fully automatic

warpath the destruct-or is on the attack again
Track Name: master of the mantis rapture
vertebrae contract under the weight of the world
shrugged off for now
vertebrae contract under the weight of the world
can you feel it?
..or am i wasting my time on petty devices
like a super imaginated bureaucratic crisis
Track Name: the walmart song
the lights
they blink to life
the glow fluorescent
tried and true
so cold and blue
so neo-sacred
they march
like shackled sheep
shipped overnight
to be there early
to participate in corporate holiday
we hunt
we search for blood
we look for weakness
we claw
we push and shove
to be the nearest to the door

we need our products

its beautiful
under my cuticle
i beg to pledge my life
i sleep
i wake to dream
i dream in plastic
2 dimensional and fucking spastic

drowning in a sea of legs
chasing salvation shrink wrapped on slat wall pegs
when even the punks are metro-sexed up slaves
chasing salvation shrink wrapped on slat wall pegs
to accuse
born to lose
so many shoes
the doors unlocked
and the barriers dropped
with a cherry on top
the undertow of the stampede
of what they need
to accuse
born to lose
so many shoes

we've been locked out for far too long
Track Name: chocal laos or tim's cascade
out on the steps of seattle punk rock
sits a man tired but true
head in his hand, totally wasted
he'll party with or without you
his name is greg gibson
but we call him gibby
he's the owner and operator of one local chaos
his organizational skills sort of leave something to be desired
but is it better than nothing?
that's how i met the plankton beat, hook and the daggers,
and potty mouth society
watching the bass player from sadie hawkins
cut up his chest because the kids like violence

"do you kids like masochism?"

rocking the hell house, avoiding the crab louse
people getting run over out in the yard
the greedies are needy and sorta speedy
"if you didn't pay then get the fuck out"
helping the hell house burn to the ground
so many drunk kids the cops never found
26000 volts need no stagehand
rocking the northwest
rocking the bellyband

around and round and round it goes
where will local chaos stop?
brain cells beaten up
super nice until there not
lots of stuff happened, but lets just say that i forgot
brain cells beaten up
really nice until there not
Track Name: leeloo, the starfish, and the unopened baby meat jar
leeloo was playing down by the tide pools
when she found herself a starfish
now here in the northwest that aint too uncommon
but this was a very special starfish
so they laughed and they played
they got carried away
the times were so sunny and gay
but as too often happens, around the corner
a cloud came to darken the day
because across the land a famine was at hand
and all these mother fuckers were trippin
try as they might
and as hard as they'd fight
they could not get the baby meat jar opened
for miles around, and from town to town
it was the only source of protein to be found
so well edited, type written letters from authority
were all of a sudden leeloo bound
now the people had called upon leeloo before
to help with natural disasters
and to thwart nuclear war
but searching through memories right off of hand
she couldn't remember a meat jar being so grand
so with a flip through her Rolodex and a pleasant phone call
she called upon her friend the starfish
and hand held in hand through fields of prosperity
they delivered the people from anguish

so they sat at the drawing board
measurements they did take
when they got to the jar site
a path the people did make
and with a powerful twist
and a thunderous pop
the baby meat jar was opened!
and across the land the population rejoiced
without remainder or quotient

and now we feast

this song is a gift to Nathan Staples, Scout Leader Skunky, and little baby Leeloo
straight from the blind girl with hugs and kisses
for keeping it real, and owning more pets than we do

a pink cigar for those of us that made it this far
with curve balls and still under par

so we'll laugh and we'll play and we'll get carried away
the days will be sunny and gay
life gets fuckin weird some times,
but i wouldn't have it any other way

if the gods above were to cut off their love
i know where enough can be found
Track Name: making fun of garret's mother's vagina is like playing tetris
from the start
visions of grandeur
i'm the thought commander
i'll tell you all about how it went down and why
put it on paper so there's no escape
the pen is a weapon that's been proven over time
put it back
keeping track is a matter of fact
line 'em up, fold 'em up, and send 'em out on attack

everyone's getting their own edition
because everyone wants their own edition
yeah everyone's reading their own edition
because everyone wants their own edition

one day leaps over the next day
which leaps over the next day
which leaps over the day before it

life? sports?, arts & sciences?
ah fuck it, lets read the comics
we can put a man on the moon
but we can't seem to publish a decent cartoon
my friend Ryan is way less inept than me
at doing the crosswords
yeah, we can put a man on the moon, you know?
i know.